Scientific Information on UT from Dr. David Jubb

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Here is some amazing info on UT in a working-copy (unedited) of Dr. David Jubb's new book - Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation, Colloidal Biology: a Symbiosis

He uses a different type of speaking in a positive only approach. You'll get used to it...

Enjoy the most up-to-date info available in my opionion!

Fasting and recycling one's own urine as in urine therapy creates an environment so cells are able to transmutate one element into another and tap into zero-point energetics (is the energy that runs the body) and have greater oxygen and carbon content that allow for an absorption of glucose and amino acid more readily. Bringing in Nicototinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) through Lifefood nutrition or as a supplement NADH (a stabilized form of this coenzyme), causes us to have sufficient amount of an important coenzyme for enzymes within the body to perform their work. Enzymes turn nutrient into water and energy.

Components within the blood and urine change during dis-ease. Essential elements can have ben filtered out by the kidneys without having reached their intended destination in the body. These nutrients, drawn in, that would ordinarily been filtered out, can reach the furthest reaches in the body where the blood has been unable to penetrate. As the liver was other than able to do its job because of cholesterol stones in the bile bladder, bile leaks into the blood instead of its intended destination. In urine therapy, bile and liver enzymes are reused rather than having been wasted. Reabsorbed nutrient helps digestion of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. They help keep the intestinal tract clean, oxygenate the blood and much, much more.

Hydrogen peroxide is a rich constituent of blood and urine. Aerobic cells are covered in the enzyme catalase that happens to be the most abundant enzyme in the body. As hydrogen peroxide contacts with catalase, it is transformed into water and a single atom of oxygen. Oxygen revitalizes the cells, yet, clears away anaerobic colloids of life. 40-50 drops of food-grade hydrogen peroxide is produced by out T-cells that keep pathogenic colloids of life at bay every day.

Urine therapy helps the body clear cancer by containing 15 known ingredients that work synergistically at every stage of that condition to help the body clear it up. The true cause of that dis-ease is mycotoxin, exotoxin and endotoxin. As one dies urine therapy, one is inoculating the body with substance used to develop resistance to specific disease. Urine contains ingredients that help clear tumors, such as urea, uric acid, 3 methl-glyoxal, DHEA, H-11, directin, antineoplastin, interferon, and interlukin-1.

Thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone is reabsorbed as they are other than protein complexes. Implant with fresh urine, douching and washing with urine helps the body reabsorb larger protein like antibodies, immunoglobulin, heptaglobulin, albumin and transferrin. In urine therapy there is also re-absorption of enzyme, amino acid, vitamin, cell salt, mineral and urea. It has great bactericidal and virucidal effect and has natural diuretic action. The enzyme urokinase causes vasodilation, an effect a lot like nitroglycerin.

Urea is converted into glutamine from ammonia in the intestinal tract through bacterial action. Glutamine has a marked effect on helping heal ulcers and in the maintenance of tissue like the brain, immune cells and small intestine. The skin and connective tissue is moistened and its condition is regulated through the urea and other hydrotobic element in urine therapy. Urine and the urea it contains, helps dissolve fat. Urine helps detach waste and draws water into the intestine, accelerates metabolism, removes surplus sugar from the blood, clears toxin from the cell, and helps raise albumin.

During cell rejuvenation, on Jubb's program, urine has a marked diuretic effect, clearing water from between the cells. Urine lowers the osmotic pressure in the lymph, causing the vessels to open. As lymph vessels open, excess amino acid is eliminated from body tissue.

Urine Therapy Helps Control Blood Sugar

Urine brings in anionic (alkaline) element that help restore liver function with more "in and up" energy. Cationic (acidic) energy is spinning "down and out." Urine therapy helps increase the oxygen content of the blood. It helps un-stick platelets and create better flow. It helps clear mucous, it dissolves fat, and allows cell membranes to become more insulin sensitive. This helps greatly with blood sugar regulation. Because urine is composed of structured water, it helps improve all enzyme activity in the body.

Autogeneous dilute compound in urine have homeopathic or isopathic effect for urine is filtered blood, merely containing substance and element found in the bloodstream. In urine therapy, one is ingesting nothing other than self. Jubb's cell rejuvenation program encourages drinking, implanting, douching and in some cases inter-muscular injection with fresh urine along with applying stale urine rubs, soaks and compresses over the body externally.

Normally, there are 40-75 grams of solids in urine that would have been discarded over a 24-hour period of time. 25% of this are sulfate and phosphate. These salts are in a form easy to absorb. Phosphorous is integral for cell structure and vital in energy production and the synthesis of protein. Sulfur is a major component of taurine, methionine (an essential amino acid) and cystein and is therefore important in mood, immunity, skin and nail growth, and fat reduction. Methionine is an anti-oxidant and is also used to produce the powerful anti-oxidant gluthathione peroxidase. Certainly, 50% of the success you can have relates to your physical intake and excretion. The other 50% has to do with your lifestyle and the pace that things are occurring inside.

The Jubb's have been involved with the scientific, biological and biochemical analysis of food as this relates to cell rejuvenation and how this impacts the human body in its relationship to emotion, cognitive function, and a sustainable future. The Jubb's have accumulated much clinical and empirical evidence to suggest there is a scientific between the maintenance of body chemistry, health and living in a way of having a sustainable future.

From these insights, the Jubbs learned how to read the body like a book. And from this health reading, develop a health profile along with what action to take to help the body restore organ, chakra, and meridian bio-balance. People having a similar profile generally have similar action to bring about bio-balance. The brilliance of this is that it puts the doctor back in the person, as it is unnecessary to rely on relaying related symptoms. Healing occurs without the labeling of symptom.

Life occurs because this is an open system. Life involves internal responses to maintain constancy to a changing world. The automatic biochemical homeostatic system in the body is open. Because of this, homeostatic function is affected by factors both internal and external. For instance, nu-toxin (toxin from matter eaten) consumed and dead, SAD diets (Standard American Diet) are less than allowing self to rest and are examples of environmental factors that can have other than allowed bio-balance in the body.

Tendencies to change the biochemical background canvas that enzymatic activity takes place within, automatically is opposed by a force to maintain homeostasis. Insulin release can other than raise blood sugar and glycogen is without being able to lower blood sugar. Homeostatic mechanism can have been less than cooperative while foreign protein from nu-toxin was consumed and because bacteria, fungus and yeast can have proliferated in the body. Meanwhile, they can have used the body as their sewer for all mycotoxin excreted.

Someone can be eating a Lifefood diet yet eating while other than being relaxed. Relaxation is an important tenet in Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation Lifestyle Therapeutics. LFN is the science of supplying nutrient to cells so bio-balance occurs at a cellular level! The endocrine functions well as nutrient can become nourishment aiding in the process of metabolism, waste excretion and cell function.

Urine Therapy Helps Cancer Heal

Anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) compounds abound in fresh urine. Connective tissue overgrowth is caused because normal cells became infected by carcinogens. Infection in a small group of cells can have occurred where those cells other than kept their ability to oxidize sugar. Energy production by mitochondria can be other than sufficient because of lifestyle. Dysbiotic colloids of life (parasitical life forms), are helped to be cleared away with urine therapy and Lifefood nutritional fasting. Otherwise, those dysbiotic life forms can have increased the rate of infection.

Flies are other than the cause of maggots. How clean the kitchen sink is, is the cause of maggots. Only that the kitchen sink was other than clean could maggots be there. Acidic terrain is the cause of colloids of life to have abandoned their role in sustaining us and turned to their own demise. Tissue more and more can have become compromised by fungal forms. Parasites and larva form in the intestinal tract can burrow through the membrane wall of the cells of the body and cause a myriad of symptoms. Eventually it can have occurred that infection can have caused inflammation and sequestered the immune system to respond to hold the infection at bay.

Urine therapy helps bring sulfur and phosphorus in that help bind cells more together yet have a nice elasticity and fluidness. Urine therapy can halt the progress of parasites and eliminate them where ever they are in the body. Urine is a vasodilator and a diuretic so it helps mobilize lymph, and lymph can help bring compounds in that eco-sterilize the terrain free of dysbiotic colloids of life. Anti-neoplastic compounds in the urine help keep connective tissue vital. Otherwise, connective tissue dis-ease can have occurred of mature cells that became seeded by colloids of life that were fermentative. Parasites and larva burrow through cell wall wreaking havoc. The body restricts infected cells by benign growths of fibrous membrane. Urine therapy helps wash away extraneous tissue.

Nutritional fasting halts the spread of rapid growing repair tissue at the site if injury. Otherwise, restricting infection by walling off infected cells allows dys-biotic life colloids to survive within. Eventually the benign fibrous lump, polyp, cyst or pre-cancerous lesion walls break from toxic over load, larvae can consume membrane cells and fibrous walls can have become breached because of injury. This break stimulates an injury repair response with adjacent cell growth.

Rapid cell growth of the repair response because of injury is what cancer of connective tissue is. A multiplication of mature adjacent cells is attempted to seal the area. Normal conditions inhibit this rapid growth upon having healed. Benign growths can have grown to be cancer from lesions failing to heal. The process of repair can have gotten trapped in high gear. New cells can other than become integrated with cells surrounding the growth. Most of all cancers are membrane and endothelial cell (cells that line the passage ways of the body) cancers. Parasites and their larva directly cause cancer by excreted toxic compounds and damage tissue and organ. Urine therapy helps raise the blood born inhibitors that keep parasites and dys-biotic microbes at bay.
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  • did your therapy go? I remember you were going to get into it.
    • not sure which post you're referring to, but...
      still drinking every morning about a cup's worth of healing fountain of youth morning brew.

      i've been going strong since december with the morning brew.

      just finished the Dr. Jubb 14-day nutritional fast with 3 liver flushes and UT every day. skin is looking better after all that, and there's more to come in the healing journey. (have had chronic hives for 51/2 years. still have them, but not near as bad after the cleanse) i have heard of a friend of a friend healing her chronic hives from 1 1/2 years with UT every morning for 6 months. i will do another cleanse when lifestyle allows. until then, i'm staying 100%raw foods, and going back to cutting down sugar/fruit content in the diet to clean out the candida.
      • wow... would you care to share what you eat on a daily basis? im just started eating raw again, and I guess Im just looking for some inspiration. also, what time do you stop eating?
        • cool! good for us!

          i'm just getting started. lots of big green salads usually featuring kale and bitters like dandlion or arugula, with avo, cukes, tomatoes, peppers, good c vitamins like parsley & cilantro. i make dressings with tahini, apple cider vin, avo, spices, greens, garlic, roots...

          that's my staple.
          then there's nut butters with veggies like celery or occasional fruits.
          some limited mana bread.
          raw soups

          i'm learning still. will be working private cheffing soon with full raw kitchen soon, so i'll have access to dream machines like vitamix, juicer, dehydrator! then my roomie & I will be stocking up on dehydrated goods, nut milks, and the like!

          as for time of stopping, i'm not so good on cycles yet, sometimes i eat as late as 11PM.

          Love to the Love!